Award winning designer Sam Ubhi, famous for creating unique and eye-catching accessories that have elevated her jewellery to modern art status. Its her ability to mix diverse source materials to such spectacular effect that sets her work apart. Throw in a love of vintage, tribal decoration, eco-friendly and fair trade materials, combine them with a modern and individual twist. Her passion for her medium shines through every one of her designs.

Born in Kenya and raised in London, Sam had no formal training in jewellery design. Instead, she graduated in Constructive Textiles from Middlesex University and successfully exhibited her work in galleries throughout London and New York before a chance encounter with the Accessories Buyer at Barneys resulted in her first jewellery commission.

From that legendary first collection, Sam has gone on to catch the imagination of jewellery lovers throughout the world. Her unique perspective on jewellery making has made her one of the most sought-after designers in the world.

The first Sam Ubhi shop opened its doors in November 2007. Showcasing twenty one years of jewellery design, it is a treasure chest filled with beautiful and unexpected things. Visitors to the shop are taken on a journey of discovery, crossing continents from Africa to India to South America. Inside entire new worlds can be found, lovingly crafted from horn, bone, shell, precious metals and stones.